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Treatments - basic information

Please choose your treatment here.

Contraindications = do not go to massage

  • if your are sick or cold
  • in case of any infectional illness
  • in case of bruses, injuries or serious venous problems - discusse this with me
  • in case of any serious medical situation - You need to consult your doctors first.

How do I do the treatments?

In a calm and relaxing way and always with full concentration:).

  • We will discussed your needs and medical situation first.
  • After this we'll choose the right treatment for you.
  • At the end we'll check the results and discussed further steps.

What to do before the treatment?

  • do not eat just before the treatment
  • take off your watch, jewelry, rings, ...
  • take a shower
  • Do NOT dring alcohol!

What to do after the treatment?

  • drink ... stil water, tea; AVOID alcohol
  • relax ... take a short walk to support your lymphatic system
  • keep your body warm
  • stay relaxed and enjoy the rest of the day

When or how often?

  • In case of any acute problems once a week.
  • In other cases approximatelly once a month.
  • Befor and after intensive physical effort.