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Trigger Point Therapy & Myofascial Treatment

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Many health problems (lasting even years) are caused by tensed muscles. The most tensed points are called Trigger Points. Find them, release them and you'll be surprised how much better the life can be!

typical examples:

  • some headaches and migraines
  • neck, shoulders and upper back stiffnes
  • localised pain next to or under the scapula
  • wrist and elbow problems, tingling or numb fingers
  • carpal tunnel syndrom caused pain
  • whiplash efect (car accident, ... )
  • lower back or hips tension, "shooting" pain in the leg, numb toes
  • scoliosis

About Myofascial Treatment

This intesive treatment combines massage strokes, acupressure techniques, aplication of warmth, stretching and propper breathing.

To obtain the best results this treatment should be repeated untill all the trigger points are released.

Aftercare comprises of stretching exercises and sufficient intake of water and hight quality food. Some changes in your work space ergonomy are usually useful too.

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