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Choose Your Treatment

Please find the basic information about the treatments here.

Deep Tissue Massage

Intensive and deep massage. Helps with tensed and painfull muscles all over the body. Accelerates recovery. Excelent for preparation before sport and regeneration after it.

Myofascial Treatments - Trigger Point Therapy

This vel established treatment is created to solve deep acute or chronical muscular pain and stiffnes. Can handel some of the headaches, elbow and hip problems and many others.

Holistic Massage

Excelent full body massage. Great choice for regeneration and relaxation. One of the most frequent massage treatments.

Chair Massage

Energising and relaxing massage excelent for office environment. Focusing mostly on neck, shoulders and arms and muscles around the spine. Provided on foldable chair. No oils, no need to undress. Treatments usually 10-30 minutes.

Relaxational Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage si a gentle treatment aimed to release tension from your neck, back and legs. It reduces stress and calms the mother-to-be.


Reiki calms and helps especally when deeply stressed and tired. Stimulates self-healing after illness or injuries. Concentrates mind before dificult decisions. It's hard to say how ... but Reiki always helps:).


Reflexology is really relaxing and energising treatment especially after a tough day. Boosts and stimulates metabolism. Helps with chronical health problems. Alternativ way of health problems diagnostics.

Massage Training Programe

You are most welcome to learn Holistic (Swedish) Massage and Relaxational (intimate) Massage for Couples. Courses are meant for non-profesionals.

Corporate Office Massage

Treatments provided in your own venue on both massage chair and table. Perfect solution for your office or event. Useful as health prevention for your employees or gift to your clients.